Dear Customers,

Effective March 1, 2022, Conti Oil will be shuttering our service department and pivoting to a business model focused exclusively on fuel oil delivery.

This is not a decision we at Conti Oil have come to lightly, as we have taken pride in providing our customers with exemplary HVAC service for over fifty years. Like many other small businesses, we are not immune to the current economic and labor conditions.

With the pool of qualified, competent labor required to maintain our high standard of service having dried up, Conti Oil has been unable to keep up with, or provide the same standard of service we have offered over the years.

As we have long considered a pivot away from service, we have decided to make the necessary choice at this time to refocus our attention to fuel delivery rather than provide subpar service to our customers.  For your convenience, we have included a list of several independent service providers, all of which offer outstanding service.

WC Heating                           

(802) 793-5794

Up 2 Code                   

(802) 371-9735

Pro Heat

(802) 479-9330

Safford's Home Heating                     

(802) 476-3332

Peak Mechanical

(888) 771-8881

Patterson Heating                          

(802) 249-0567

P+C Plumbing and Heating

(802) 505-5770

McCreedy Plumbing & Heating

(802) 279-0661

Lucky’s Plumbing and Heating

(802) 505-3843

J.A. Gould

(802) 476-6974

DM Furnace Man            

(802) 249-2814

Always P&H

(802) 454-1427

All Temp HVACR

(802) 476-4078

A-1 Burner Service

(802) 476-7154

Should you have any questions, we have established a dedicated line: (802) 622-2295.