Oppose the Vermont Carbon Tax

  • Oppose the Vermont Carbon Tax

    Vermont law makers are currently considering legislation that will apply a significant tax to fuel oil in the State of Vermont.   This will add 89-cents to the price of a gallon of gasoline and $1.02 to a gallon of heating oil and diesel fuel. Supporters of this tax in Montpelier consider the use of fuel to be “bad” for Vermont, and are attempting to use legislation to strong-arm Vermonters into doing things they consider “good” — such as buying an electric car, taking public transportation and not heating their homes with oil or propane.

    In a geographically dispersed State with over 8000 miles of dirt road, this goal is a fallacy.  The heavy equipment that maintains our roads does not run on solar power, nor do the snowplows that keep these same roads safe in the winter. Moreover, unlike many other taxes, farm equipment would not be exempt.  Increasing the cost of doing business in Vermont, both agricultural and otherwise, will only continue to give a competitive advantage to neighboring states.

    At a time when the price of heating has finally again become reasonable, it is absurd that our lawmakers would consider such measures. Please consider stopping by our office to sign a petition against this tax, or contact your State representative and make your voice heard.