Fuel Gross Receipts Tax – Update

  • Fuel Gross Receipts Tax – Update

    In mid-March, the Vermont House Ways and Means Committee voted 6-5 to increase the Fuel Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) on heating oil, kerosene, dyed diesel, propane, natural gas and coal.  Currently in the Senate, the tax has been stripped of any increase on natural gas, and has also removed the language which allowed fuel dealers, such as Conti Oil, to itemize the tax.  This means that, to our customers, the tax would appear a higher priced fuel, rather than a tax item on the customer receipt.

    We at Conti Oil are staunchly against raising the GRT due to the exorbitant expense our customers will be forced to endure should the cost of fuel rise to past levels.  However, with the increase all but certain, we join fuel dealers from around the State in asking for transparency in presenting the additional cost to our customers.

    Since the Senate’s version of the tax differs from the House’s, a Committee of Conference, made up of three Senators and three Representatives, will decide everything.  We ask that our customers consider reaching out to the law makers of this Committee, either by phone or email, and make their opinion known: