Heating System

Like any machine, oil heating systems require constant care and maintenance to perform reliably at peak efficiency.  And, like other machines, heating systems are prone to both failure and malfunctions. 

Conti Oil's service technicians have decades of experience diagnosing and troubleshooting issues on both gas and oil-based systems.  This includes extensive knowledge of both older burners and modern, computer-based controls.

Clean and Check Service

Conti Oil's clean and check service is a great way to stay ahead on maintenance issues and prevent costly repairs further down the road.  Our cleaning service is open to any fuel customer, and starts at around $95, which includes a top-to-bottom cleaning and inspection of your hydronic or forced-air heating appliance and fuel storage system:

  • Replace burner nozzle, clean and reconfigure electrodes, check/test transformer and CAD cell.
  • Clean boiler's heat-transfer surface by removing soot, which reduces insulation and improves thermal transfer.
  • Replace air filters on forced air heating appliance.
  • Clean excessive soot from smoke-pipe and inspect chimney entrance.
  • Inspect fuel storage system for code violations and signs of past, present or potential future fuel release: this includes fill and vent lines, the tank, filter, valves and fuel line, as well as all fittings and connections.
  • Replace fuel filters, and check for potential water in tank(s).
  • Purge and re-fire heating system.
  • Run combustion tests, and adjust burner for maximum efficiency.

Conti Oil highly recommends that all customers plan an annual cleaning (spring or autumn) to assure the integrity of their heating system and prevent any safety issues down the road.

performing efficiency test

24HR Technical Service

Conti Oil maintains 24/365 on-call staff both for emergency technical assistance and after-hour fuel delivery.  Please be aware that after-hours calls may be subject to an additional service and/or delivery fee.