System Repairs

Heating systems are machines, and machines will always require maintenance: it’s inevitable. However, repairing a problematic heating or air conditioning system doesn’t have to be an expensive, arduous and drawn out process. Our skilled technicians have years of experience diagnosing and repairing a wide range of systems, from advanced computerized boilers to older, simpler furnaces; if you have we’ve probably repaired it before. Moreover, our technical expertise doesn’t only revolve around the systems we have installed, and frequently are called upon to service systems installed by previous home owners and other companies.nnConti Oil also maintains a large stock of new and used parts and components at our Barre shop, so even if we need to order a new part for your system, you will not have endure several days without heat or hot water.nnMost important, while we normally complete repairs during business hours, we always have a technician on call for emergencies and after-hours issues. So be it a weekend, holiday or even the middle of the night, just give us a call and we’ll be right there; just like we have the past fifty years!

System Cleaning

Heating systems are much like any other machine: if you treat them well, they are sure to last a lifetime. Much like an automobile requires a regular oil change and inspection, so too should you treat your heating system to a regular cleaning and maintenance.nnIn general, cleaning and maintaining your furnace or boilers depends largely not only on your system, but also on your brand and tank location, as well as the electronic control you are operating. For this reason, it is important your service technician not only recognizes, but also understands the system he or she is cleaning. At Conti Oil, all of our technicians are trained and certified on all the systems we install and provide maintenance to. Our expert technicians will check your system from top to bottom to insure it is not only clean and safe, but is also operating at its maximum efficiency.

Emergency Services

We’ve all been there: from flooding to frozen pipes, our service technicians have seen it all, and probably experienced it first-hand as well.

As we always say, Vermont’s weather is not for the faint of heart and in only the past years we have experienced sub-zero winters, torrential rains and even been battered by a hurricane. For this reason Conti Oil is committed to assisting our customers when and where they need it. We have made mid-night service calls in the dead of winter to thaw pipes, spent hours pumping out flooded basements and even made holiday runs to assure no one runs out of oil. So next time the weather puts you in a tough spot, don’t worry: Conti Oil has your back.