2016 Prebuy Program

  • 2016 Prebuy Program

    Conti Oil is pleased to offer customers a pre-buy plan for the 2016 heating season.  This contract allows customers to pre-purchase a specific quantity of heating oil, at a set price, to be used in the following year.  A minimum purchase of 500 gallons is required to participate in Conti Oil’s pre-buy program.

    This year’s pre-buy program is based on a price of $2.25 per gallon.  The plan requires that customers take delivery of all purchased fuel no later than May 31, 2017.  Any credit remaining after that date will be transferred forward to the following heating season; no refunds of remaining credit will be allowed for any reason.

    Conti Oil also reserves the right to charge a $0.05 per gallon storage fee, per day, until all pre-bought gallons have been dispensed and/or all remaining credit has been eliminated.  Storage fees will be deducted from the balance of the customer’s remaining credit.

    Should any customer’s usage exceed the number of gallons purchased during the current term, the price of any additional fuel will be sold at the current market price.

    This pre-buy plan is open to all customers.  However, all outstanding balances must be settled before enrollment in the pre-buy program.  Any outstanding balance may be included with this contract, and figured into the “total enclosed amount” below.

    Please be advised that Conti Oil has a limited number of gallons available at the stated price; it is suggested that those interested in taking advantage of this program complete their contracts as soon as possible.  Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.


    Please download the contract by clicking the file type below.


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